Client: Gedimat

Agency: Hungry Minds

Production: Adventure Films

Director: Momtchil Momtchilov

DOP: Adrien Lengrand

Shooting location: Braine-l'Alleud

Adventure Films was commissioned two TV commercials for the spring and autumn campaigns of Gedimat – a chain of 22 stores for construction and repair works’ products.

The biggest challenge was to find the right place  to shoot both commercials in one day: we needed a big terrace that could be transformed into a construction site and an attic in disrepair with old wooden beams. This turned out to be a rare combination but we eventually found the perfect house in Braine-l’Alleud.

At the same time we started meeting selected actors for the two roles - a guy making construction works at home and a neighbour pestering him with stupid advice.

The idea behind the commercials and the whole campaign is that Gedimat gives you the best advice on construction or repair works.

The commercials were aired on RTBF.

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