Client: Alma Terra

Agency: Hungry Minds

Shooting locations: Jodoigne, Erpent, Luttre, Frasnes-lez-Gosselies, Noville-les-Bois, Ramilies, Malonne, Auvelais, Châtelineau, Warnant, Maillien

This was a nice summer adventure: filming 11 testimonials in 3 days, travelling hundreds of kilometers and delivering 2 TV commercials and a 33-minutes long documentary film.

Alma Terra is a Belgian producer of photovoltaic systems. The company decided to base its advertising campaign on its current clients’ testimonials. 


We visited their houses all around Wallonia and asked them to share their opinion on working with Alma Terra and in what way the use of solar energy had changed their everyday life. 

The commercials were broadcasted on TV and published on the client’s web site.