The Most Important Questions to Ask Before Producing a Video

As a marketer, it’s imperative to be aware of the various trends that are making the rounds in the marketing industry today.

And who doesn’t know the power of video marketing, right? It’s an essential digital marketing component and those who don’t use this can expect themselves to be missing out tremendously on their competitors.


So, you want to create more video content?

That’s good. In fact, it’s great! But hold it right there. Before you start jumping on this trend, make sure you know how this works so you can fully utilize this to its full potential. Know what you’re getting into and tell your best story.


Here are the most important questions you should ask - and answer first before producing your first video.


— What is the key marketing objective of your campaign?

Why are you doing this video campaign? By listing down your goals, you can have a solid framework of how this campaign will turn out. Do you want to increase your current social media followers? Get more engagement? Or improve your leads? Know the marketing objective you want of this campaign and you’ll be guided from start to finish.


— Do you know your target audience?

Video is the most personal form of content, therefore it’s important to know who you’re doing this video for. Know your buyer persona and keep them in mind while brainstorming this project.


You can easily tell whether a video campaign is effective if it has segmented and targeted the video content. You can narrow down the audience you want to tap by different factors like age, geography, spending habits, general interests, etc. Know and familiarize yourself with your audience – it’s one of the key formulas to effectively creating a campaign.


— What is your message?

Every video content out there tells a story. And every effective story tells one single key message. Try to keep it short and simple. You wouldn’t want your audience to confuse your audience with too many ideas.


As such, aim your message to be short but impactful, and should reflect your marketing objective. Your objective should work hand in hand with the core message of your campaign for full effectivity. Think of the key take away you’d want your audience from this video.


— How are you planning to turn it into an engaging story?

When your done listing your video’s key message, it’s time to sit down and think about how are you planning to convey this message across your viewers.


They secret to delivering is by telling a story. We’ve all heard the importance of content and in video marketing, it is still the king. Tell an engaging story, and try not to sound like you are selling your products. Give value to your story by making a creative concept your target audience can relate to. And you certainly want to look professional by producing a video of high production value. Depending on the message you want to send out, gauge whether you need to create something informative or entertaining.


— What type of video content do you want to create?

Will It be an animated one, stop-motion, illustrative, or maybe a live one? It’s important to know the type of video you want from the beginning that if you are to tap a production company to make one for you, you’re both on the same page. Maximize the type of content you’re going to make as with different styles come different benefits.


— Who will create the videos?

As mentioned above, you may want to tap a production house to do video content for you. The beauty of tapping production companies, especially if you’re just starting to dive into video marketing, is that you have a professional partner that can support you in terms of creativity, planning, directing, editing, color grading etc. You can do this in-house too but let’s be honest, one can only do so much.


If you have an agency in mind, think whether they are fit for the video you want for your business. Do they produce original content? Have they been in the industry long enough for you to trust their competence? Are they equipped to shoot actors or adequate in motion graphics? These are just some of the questions you need answered.


— How are you planning to distribute the videos?

Having a detailed plan on how you are going to distribute these videos will help your campaign reach its target viewers.


Start off with your website, blogs and landing pages. This helps in your SEO. And also, don’t forget the social channels as they are the best way to get your followers and customers engaged by sharing your content. Remember, social sharing plays an integral role in video marketing. s


— What actions do you want your viewers to take after watching your video?

Are you more on after the social sharing? Or you want to capture leads? The video should prompt action to your audience. That way, you can gauge whether they’ve received the message you’ve been sending them.


— How will you measure the success of your video?

It’s also imperative to think of the ROI, the metrics, the numbers before starting a campaign. Consider the variables you want to track and measure.


Different videos require different metrics. If you want to track how this campaign affects your website and if your goal is to attract website visitors, consider using Google Analytics. If you’re after reaching as many people as possible, then likes and share will do the trick. When you know how to define success, you can create appropriate CTAs for your video.


No matter how you want to do this, the key to winning in video marketing is in planning.

Plan ahead, write down your goals and look out for the best video provider out there.