Six Secrets of a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

The past years have seen the staggering growth of video marketing.

And by 2019, 80% of online traffic will be coming from video.  


It’s a done deal. Video is and will continue to move marketing. It’s the most engaging form of content, and an indispensable marketing strategy for all types of businesses.


Here are some secrets on how to kick start and win in video marketing.


— Tell stories. Forget about sales.  

It’s simple. If you want to dominate in this area, prepare the value you want to give your audience.


Those who merely focus on their own brand or in driving sales, are most likely to be ignored. The best video content is those that tell stories and connects with the viewers. The better stories you tell, the better it will be for your audience to understand who your brand is and what it can do for them.


Videos have emotive power on your audience that you should utilize to connect to them. Concentrate on the story and how to connect to them and you’re off on a good start.


— Keep it short. And simple.

Studies show that an ideal video clip should last for just a minute. That is, if your viewers watched the whole thing. It just so happens that our attention span has dropped to a merely 8.5 seconds. Your viewers expect you to catch their attention fast. If you can’t sustain their attention for 10 seconds, they will click away or scroll down their feeds.


Bring your story to life quickly in a matter of seconds. The first few seconds should give the audience the overview of what your video is about and if it is worth watching. Make it worth their time.


— Create value.

65% of your online audience are digital learners. Your audience are learners who like to get value through your content.


For example, you can teach your audience how they can better use your products or services. Or maybe you could use the video to share some industry knowledge of the area you’re operating on. Whatever it is, make sure you’re giving value to the lives of your audience.


— Attract the right audience.

“Right message, right people.” This formula will surely work wonders on your campaign.


Target your content to a highly-targeted audience to make it appeal to every member of your audience. By simply setting out a goal to reach a specific audience will ensure you’re always reaching out to the most relevant audience for the specific content you’re putting out there. There’s a massive load of content circulating the web right now, so make sure you’re reaching out to the specific audience of your choice.


— Include Call To Actions.

If you’re venturing out on video marketing, make sure you optimize your content with Call To Actions (CTAs). Effective CTAs get you conversions.


They are mostly notable on websites and landing pages. But you can also use them on videos to direct your viewers to a specific action – whether that’s downloading an app, signing up to a newsletter or an online course, or even sharing the video is a form of a CTA. Consider the actions you want your audience to take and try to build your content around it.


— Optimize your video for search.

If you’re not optimizing your video content for search, your campaign is missing out on so many potential views. There are approximately 3.5 billion searches per day on Google and 3 billion searches per month on the Google-owned YouTube. Imagine missing out on that huge potential. Search is a growing trend and it’s something you should utilize as well if you want to win on video marketing.


 There are various ways you can do to optimize your video content for search. You may want to use keywords in your title. Same as SEO for blog content or website copy, you need to use keywords if you want to rank high. You may also use keywords in your description video. Just try to avoid overdoing keywords – make sure they are also appropriate on the story of your video.


There are various ways you can utilize video marketing to its full potential as it can be extremely effective.

Create videos that convert and you’re on your way to winning this trend.