Meet Your Monsters

When you’re working, getting the job done is one of the best feelings in the world. We all love that feeling of relief and satisfaction.

But we all know that before getting it done, every creative goes through the phase of the creative block.

We all have been there.

And there is not a single thing in the world more frustrating than the scenario of a blank screen in front of you. While it is frustrating, it is also potentially career-damaging. 

When you’re feeling stuck in a project and the thought of beating the deadline seems overwhelming, finding out the solution can sometimes be overlooked. For every block, there is but a solution. Sometimes, if you just have the courage to meet and face them, only then can you win the battle.

Here are the most common types of creative monsters we need to familiarize ourselves with.

— Perfectionism & Fear of Failure.

These two usually comes in pair and are probably the biggest monsters to beat. How can you beat your own self, right? When the inner critic in you starts to work in your head and stops you from ever doing anything, it is paralyzing. When the self-doubt and self-criticism takes place right before you start anything, it’s a sure way to kill ideas even before they are out in the world. Perfectionism often leads to procrastination and later on kills creativity.

The first thing you need to do in order to get over these fears, is to let go. Let go of the idea of being perfect, of being not good enough. Know that there is beauty in imperfection. And to accomplish anything, you need to know that execution is what counts the most. Go out there and create. It is in doing things that makes life interesting. If you get stuck in the idea of being perfect or not failing, you’ll miss out on so many things. You have so many good ideas and concepts the world will be missing out on just because you’re scared. It’s time you face the unknown and come through the other side.

— You’re Too Busy.

Seriously. When you’re too overwhelmed with so many things, it causes your creative juices to dry up. So if you can, try to slow down! Living in a world that is full of distraction (there’s the internet for starters) isn’t helping too.

Consider cutting down commitments. Set time or schedules for answering emails, checking Twitter and Instagram, walking the dog etc. Give your mind the time to wander and daydream as it’s essential in fostering creativity and innovative thinking. Take some time off – give yourself a break and watch what happens.


— Routine.

Maybe this time, the monster that’s trying to stop you from accomplishing anything isn’t because of some drama, but because of the lack of it. Maybe you’re working in a stale environment and there is not enough stimulation for you to be motivated.

Try taking a step back to re-assess the part of your work routine that isn’t working for you. Maybe you need to spice things up a bit. Like maybe adding a workout in the middle of your work day? Find the right balance of what suits for you so your creativity can flourish.

— Just. Pure. Mental. Block.

This creative monster has got you trapped inside your own world. You have been comfortable working inside your brain that it limits you to think of “options”.


The best way you can do is to challenge your own mind. Think of the alternatives. Ask yourself the “What If” questions. Go to a place you haven’t been to, do a something you’ve never done before, listen to the song you’ve been avoiding to listen to, or just. Simply. Start.


Start and from there, you’ll be surprised at how many bad ideas you’ve thought of until you finally come up with something you can work on. Start and somewhere along the path of creating, you’ll find yourself already winning.


— Beating the Deadline.

Have you heard the saying that “Deadlines kill creativity”?

Sometimes, beating deadlines (that’s plural, because, we know you love taking on projects simultaneously) is the common thief of joy. When you’re set on a tight time frame to finish concurrent projects, you sometimes lose that sense of joy in creating. For the sake of finishing on time, you sometimes forget why you’re creating in the first place. For others, deadlines are helpful. But for others, it simply takes away the stimulant to be imaginative.

Give yourself time. Allot ample time for you to work on a project and get yourself lost in the process and create for the joy of creating.  


Beating creative monsters is no easy task. But as creators, one mustn’t settle on the roadblocks. We have to keep pushing forward to get to the other side. We need to keep on creating, otherwise, how are gonna change the world?