8 Video Marketing Trends in 2019

The growth of video marketing has been extremely massive in the last few years that video is expected to continue snatching the hearts of many this 2019.

Fast facts:

  • 500 million people watch Facebook videos everyday

  • YouTube gets more than 5 billion views of videos everday

  • 82% of Twitter users watches video content

  • Snapchat gets 10 billion video views everyday


It can get overwhelming how many videos are out there on the internet today. But the simple fact that there are too many of this visual content evidently puts video marketing at an advantage against other marketing strategies and we all know why.  It works. And it will continue to work.


But to best position yourself on the frontline of this trend, you need to be kept updated on various techniques as this will continue to dominate the market this 2018. We’ve list down eight exciting video marketing trends that is expected to revolutionize the digital landscape in 2019.


1.      Live Video Streaming

The rise of live video streaming has been exponential in recent years and is expected to continue this year and in the years to come. In fact, it’s expected to become more intense and more interactive.


What attracts users to live videos is its capacity to show the authenticity of the companies or brands they’re following. People are drawn to what makes these companies human – making this trend a huge success and definitely a game changer in the marketing sector. And from a marketer’s point of view, live videos are much more economical to produce.


With 13% of web traffic coming from live videos and the option for a consumer-led content, you expect more ways live streaming will evolve and grow.


2.      360 Videos

This immersive technology has made its rounds last year and has changed the way businesses interact with their consumers. This year, it’s still expected to make huge implications, especially on the online shopping community. 360 videos provide a different kind of experience to buyers – a diverse and immersive one at that.


Imagine yourself looking at for sale houses or apartments on the web. Company A uses 360 video adverts to showcase their apartments. Company B, on the other hand, is using plain photos. We bet you’ll click Company ‘s advert. Who wouldn’t want to have a realistic view of something you’re planning to buy without actually going to the location of the item? This makes 360 videos an exciting trend for businesses to explore.


3.      VR Video

Virtual reality videos were received by consumers with too much enthusiasm, only it didn’t quite materialized as expected last year. This year however, improvements and direction of this trend are becoming clearer.


So far, VR video is still widely related to gaming but there are huge possibilities and potential of this practice to be leveraged by other industries. The video tech market is growing and we can only expect this to grow as well.


4.      Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is very much a reality today. It engages customers in a way no other technique has done before. Like the way 360 videos enhance the experience of buyers, AR integrates digital information on top of the users’ environment. Consumers embrace AR because it helps them figure out if the coffee table they’re eyeing will fit in their living room.


AR elevates a customer’s experience whether your brand needs it or not, the only question you should be asking is, “How can I leverage on this trend?”. Talk to your customers through AR. Show them how your products can enhance their way of life.


5.      User-generated content

User-generated content rose to one of the most powerful marketing tools in the market today. Why? Because it builds trust. Users are generally not inclined to trust your brand instantly. They don’t specifically take every word you’re telling them. They do their own research first and usually trust what other customers are saying about your brand.


Implementing user-generated content such as video reviews on your website allows your customers to see “second opinions” about your brand. The chance of them liking your brand increases, and will eventually lead to them purchasing your products.


6.      Mobile and social videos

Video is winning because of its successful integration to mobile and social networks. Reaching customers has never been this easy, with smartphones of consumers just inside their pockets.


Social media streaming or what we fondly call “Stories” has been prominently successful in the past year. In fact, mobile video advertising is expected to grow from $6B in 2018 to $9B in 2019. With this expected growth, integrating stories and mobile video ads to your marketing plans is imperative.



7.      Square format

As mentioned above, mobile integration is important if you want to seriously win in the video marketing arena.


A mobile optimized video can get you a long way as the frequency of your video being viewed by users with mobile devices increases. Content designed for a 1:1 screen ratio (square format) has an increase in viewing rate of 67% compared to the traditional 16:9 ratio content. Mobile plays a huge part in today’s world and optimizing your content for it will give your brand the returns it needs.


 8.      High Production Values

There are so many effective techniques out there in the video market and as a result, it’s becoming increasingly competitive. What better way to position you to the forefront of this trend is simple – create better and original content.


No matter what trend you jump on in, it’s important to note that stories will always win in the end. Well-produced original content that gives value to consumers will continue to be a good investment for most companies.


Expect to see more well-produced promotional adverts and videos in the next months of 2019.


The best and most sure way to create engagement in today’s digital-savvy world is to practice video marketing.

It works as a vital component of all your content marketing initiatives. Knowing how to leverage this tool will put your brand at an advantage. It’s important to be updated with all these trends but keep in mind that while all these produce results, it’s best you know what works perfectly for your brand.

Experiment, push trends and make your own unique strategies.