Why You Should Use Video in Your Marketing Campaign

Videos are crucial in every content marketing strategy today.

Why the sudden surge in video content consumption? Well, it’s pretty easy. We’ve listed down eight reasons why video continues to dominate marketing.


— Engagement

There is no other content today that drives sky-rocketing engagement than videos do. Video has grown tremendously over the last few years. According to HubSpot, 78% of internet users watch online videos weekly and 55% watch videos daily. Almost all major social networking sites have made their own video services and video promotions as well. It has become the most engaging content and has proven to be the most shared content online.


And because engagement means connection, is there a single brand on the planet that doesn’t want to connect to their audience? Video is indeed an essential component to any marketing campaign’s success.


— Conversion and Sales

Let’s try to be honest here. You want to invest on video because you believe in its ability to make you money. Well, you are in luck.


Website with videos increase conversions by 80%. Studies even show that 74% of users who have been exposed to product-explainer videos are led to subsequently buy the product.

The more exciting videos you make, the better are your chances for landing that sale!


— Increases Website Visitors

Using video on your website turns it into a dynamic, interactive one!


It enhances your website and creates that unique engagement with your visitors. You can do this strategically by creating video content that will make people want to come back to your website repeatedly.  You can use videos to promote events or recent activities of your business.


— Appeals to Mobile Users

We live in the mobile era. And the truth is, video and mobile are best friends. Almost 90% of mobile users watch videos on their smartphone.  How can you not when videos are easily accessed with a single click? With the growing numbers of mobile users, video audiences are also growing each year. Google reported that mobile users tend to feel a sense of personal “connection” to brands that show their content on mobile devices.


With all these whooping statistics, video content on mobile devices is a top priority for brands these days. Give that personal experience to your audiences.


— Generates Social Sharing and Grows Audiences

Video drives extremely high engagement which results in increase of social sharing. All social network sites encourage the use of videos on their platforms.


If you feel like video marketing on social media is something you want to prioritize, make sure you are making videos that your audience will find entertaining and fun.

Almost 80% of users say that they are most likely to share a video to their friends or followers if it was entertaining, nicely done, or something that ultimately touched them whether it made them laugh or cry.

Basically, a video content that gives value to consumers is something you should aspire to create.


— Improves Search Ranking

You wanna know why adding videos improves your website’s search ranking? It’s simple. Google LOVES videos.


Google is designed to give higher rankings to websites with good content. Adding videos on your websites increases time spent by your visitors, which in turn results to longer exposure. Longer exposure builds trusts and consequently, this signals search engines to index your website as one with good content.

Imagine, you’ll be 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

— Amazing for Email Marketing

How useful videos are to email marketing campaigns? HubSpot reports that by using the word “video” in the subject lines of your email, open rates boost by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and unsubscribing reduces by 26%.

82% of video marketers swear that video marketing is indeed effective.


— Turns your Ideas into Attractive Messages and Adds Emotions

After all the reasons we’ve listed, the best and probably the most common reason why video has been an effective tool in any marketing campaign is its ability to turn any of your ideas to engaging and attractive content. What seems like a common and simple message suddenly turns into a story, a message made into an engaging content – all because videos played a key role.


Creating an explainer video will do the trick if you are about to launch a new product or service. Almost 45% of businesses who use video marketing used an explainer video on the homepage of their website. And 83% of them swear that the video was indeed effective.

If you’re also trying to explain a new or difficult concept, creating a video animation can bring your concept to life that no amount of text or articles or white papers can.


Whatever your goals may be, video marketing has been proven to work its wonders to whatever marketing campaign you have in mind.

Make the most out of this content but as always, don’t create videos just because you know the will win your campaign over.

Keep in mind that no matter the execution, content that gives value will always win.