They look great. They turn your message into emotions. They are attractive and entertaining. They explain your business in less than a minute in a fresh and fun way. Say hello to animations.


How the animation magic comes to life?



script / scénario



Of course you need a script. And the motion graphics scripts are different than those for commercials or corporate films. We will help you with the concept and idea and propose you the most suitable visual solutions. We love scriptwriting.

budget / devis



We deliver a detailed price quote. Don’t worry if your funds are limited. We are flexible and can rework our quote until it fits into your budget.  

schedule / planning



This is the timetable of all steps we will take from day one up to the delivery of your animation.

production design / direction artistique



Our first step after we start working on your animation is to create all illustrations and backgrounds - according to your script, visual preferences and discussions we had.


Character Design.


At the same time we develop the characters. They will tell your story to the audience.

location scouting / repérages



We put together the characters and illustrations and present you a storyboard of the film. 

services 10-01.png

Voice-Over Recording.


We contact selected voice talents and record the voices and voice-overs. We need them before we start the animation process.

shooting / tournage



This is the part that takes the most time and mixes technical skills and creative talent.




It includes music, sound design and mix, color grading and delivery of your animation in the right formats you need.